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Min-Stan Puppies For Sale

TLC Schnauzers takes pride in providing the most trusting, intelligent, loving, & loyal companions for our customers.

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One of the most popular Hybrid breeds is the Min-Stan.
The Min-Stan combines the personality and other traits of both minis and standards and still maintains the non shedding and hypoallergenic of both.
They are a great family companion excelling in intelligent training ability, and athletic ability. Their adult size is approximately 15½" at the withers, weighs 28-32lbs, and has A semi-soft textured coat.
Since they are completely Schnauzer, registration and pedigree accompany their adoption papers.
As they typically resemble the standard more than the mini likewise behavior, a credible reference would be the book "The Standard Schnauzer" written by Barbara Dille, Nationally known breeder of Standards and holder of many AKC conformation titles.
We currently have 2 pups available for adoption to qualified "parents" Klaus and Hans are pictured below.
Obviously, as with all our pups a 5 year health guarantee accompanies the adoption.


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Our Min-Stans are $1000 - 1500 each, Please call to find out more! 

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Min Stan Hybrid puppies for sale
Black Miniature Schnauzer puppies for sale
Below is a photo from a very happy customer that purchased one of our Min-Stans.
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