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All of our Puppies are Raised with Tender Loving Care and Registered with Premium Registation Services, such as

Having a successful Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer breeding programs takes many years of experience.  Over the last 18 years we have been very selective in raising top quality Sires & Dams to produce healthy bloodlines.  Our Schnauzers are DNA tested and registered to protect the integrity of our bloodlines.  We have worked up close and personal with our veterinarian following procedures and guidelines recommended by him to assure that our Schnauzer puppies have had the best care prior to becoming an addition to your family.

Located in Cross Plains, Tennessee approximately 30 miles north of Nashville; TLC Schnauzers is a safe-haven for Miniature Schnauzers & Standard Schnauzers. Read more about this great breed of dog! We have been spoiling our Schnauzers with Tender Loving Care for the last 18 years and take great pride in breeding high quality pups.

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Throughout the years our reputation as a top quality breeder of Miniature & Standard Schnauzers has stayed strong due to overwhelming referrals from customers who have this to say about us:

"I feel very comfortable recommending anyone to buy a pup from TLC Schnauzers. When I bought my miniature schnauzer there in May 2006, Ted was very knowledgeable and friendly, and most importantly I could tell he truly cared for each pup's well-being. My puppy was healthy and almost immediately housebroken. She graduated from puppy class and gets along great with our other dog and with neighbors' dogs. We couldn't resist returning to visit TLC Schnauzers in June 2007 so Sophie could visit her first home once more before we moved out of state. If you are thinking of buying a miniature schnauzer I would recommend TLC Schnauzers without hesitation." Thanks, Melanie ~

"A very Special Thank You! I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciate the little bundle of joy that you sold us last year. "Paige" has been one of the smartest and most personable dogs we have ever owned. She has been thru two obedience classes and is awesome. I have considered trying some AKC shows with her. She is very well traveled having flown as carry on with me to Florida 2 times and to Texas 1 time. She is at home wherever we go. She does like to announce her arrival for about 30 seconds everywhere she goes...after that she quiets down and is a perfect lady. A young man by the name of Heston (who is 7 years old) has written an illustrated book about her." Valerie ~

"I've had Miniature schnauzers my whole life and this is by far the smartest dog I've ever had. She was potty trained in two weeks! She is beautiful and great with our small children. The breeders were wonderful and very INFORMATIVE!"
Greg and Suzanne ~

Hypoallergenic Dogs ~ the Miniature Schnauzer ~ the Standard Schnauzer

What is a hypoallergenic dog? Basically, it refers to a dog breed that is less likely to cause an allergic reaction for its human companions. And, the Miniature & Standard Schnauzers are one of the few dog breeds which are considered to be hypoallergenic!

Smaller dogs have a reputation for being better for people with allergies. The reasoning is quite simple - a small dog produces a smaller amount of dander or allergens. Large dog – more allergens.

In general it is thought that lower shedding breeds of dogs are better for people with allergies - principally because they tend to produce less dander. This generalization is not true for many breeds. The skin quality of the dog breed determines the amount of dander it produces. Great news for those considering purchasing a Miniature Schnauzer... It is one of the very few breeds that can claim it is a low dander breed.

Miniature & Standard Schnauzers shed little to no hair. And while the cause of allergic reactions in humans is not due to the dog's hair, but rather to the dander, saliva or other allergen, this low shedding attribute is an added benefit for the dog owner.

Even though these wonderful dogs shed very little that does not mean that they do not require some grooming. Please see our grooming section for more information.

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